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Let me start out by saying Thank You for checking out this page.

The fact that I’ve enticed you enough with my own brand to interest you in learning how to work with me means I’m doing something you like. Awesome!

Since you’ve landed on this page, you are likely looking for one of three services. Keep in mind that these services are specific to YOU which means we’ll need to start a conversation in order to figure out more details.

Let’s start with the easy part and you can tell me which of the reasons below brought you to this page.

Presentation Design

You have a message to share. The time has come for you to present to colleagues, investors, or maybe even at a TED conference.

I want to use my superpowers to make you stand out!

You have the message. And with my top 4 presentations exceeding a quarter of a million views, I have the skills and track record to make sure your presentation makes people want to join you in your effort to make the world a better place.

Whether you only have a raw message, an existing deck that needs a shot of superpower, or you’re starting from scratch, let’s work together and combine powers to make the world a better place!

Contact me and let’s start talking about how your presentation is going to blow the socks off of your audience! [Contact me]

Brand Management

You already have superpowers but now you need to let people know.

Of all your superpowers and passions, alas, none of them include brand management or promotion. Or maybe you don’t want to spend all day on “marketing stuff”, you just want to work on making the world a better place.

That “marketing stuff” is what I love. It IS my superpower and I DO want to spend all day making sure people know you exist and are changing the world. I want to introduce people to YOUR superpowers and work with you to make your dreams come true!

I specialize in making people known. You want to be known. I think it’s time to talk about combining superpowers and changing the world.

Rate: TBD based on need

Contact me and let’s start talking about ways we can make your brand a Super Brand that people will talk about! [Contact me]

Brand Consultation

Sometimes a little insight is all we need to get that boost we need.

While you may not want someone to do your brand management for you, you would love to talk to someone who is passionate about it and who knows their stuff! You don’t mind doing the work, you just need to know what that work is.

With my superpowers and my past experience, I may very well be that person who can provide you that boost you need. I have a successful track record of turning on the superpowers of others and I’d love to do that for you.

Rate: $150 for one hour consultation that includes a strategy outline (including notes and resources) based on our call.

Contact me and let’s start talk about YOUR superpowers and how you can use them to make the world a better place! [Contact me]

Didn’t find what you thought you would?

Perhaps you don’t feel like you fit in any of the categories above but you’ve seen something I can do that you want to know more about. Of those with superpowers, I align myself with the “hero” side…which means you are invited to come and talk to me. No worries, I only use my superpowers for good.

Contact me and let’s start talking about YOU. [Contact me]

Need a little more convincing?

I understand, results prove everything. Telling you that I have superpowers is one thing. Showing you the testimonials that others have to say about my superpowers is much more powerful.

Srini Rao – Host of BlogcastFM and Author of The Skool of Life

David has quickly made himself a hub for rising stars and he took everything I told him and he did better than I did. I think he gets more traffic than I do. I can say with confidence my first product launch was a success because of David, not because of me.  It’s good to be friends with the head of an entourage.

Aaron Hood – Product Manager at MedAssets

David created many innovative ways to view existing and new business opportunities for both internal and external [our] clients. In addition to his business background, David always brings an approachable and hardworking personality to the work environment. I would recommend him for any organization looking to increase its arsenal of valuable resources.

Beth Barron – Former Director of Client Analytics at Broadlane

David has a unique set of skills that make him a tremendous asset to any Business Intelligence team. Most importantly, David has exceptional communication skills. His communication style allows him to effectively work with both business users and technical staff, and he is able to describe complex issues in simple terms. David is a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend him.

Richard Beauchamp – Director of Technology at Accolo

David brought incredible value, insight and dedication to our group. David always displayed a great curiosity for learning new methods and technologies that helped improve the BI group and the end user experience. He will be a great asset to any team and I highly recommend him.

Jade Craven – Author of ProBlogger’s “40 Bloggers to Watch in 2011″

David Crandall is a rising star in the blogosphere. In the short time since he started his blog, he’s become a master at building effective relationships. I believe that you guys can learn a lot from him. In addition to his relationship marketing skills, he is brilliant at polarization.

Time to add your name to that list

Let’s start a conversation about what it would look like to combine our superpowers!

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Twitter @DavidCrandall

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